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New Membership and Renewals 2017-18

For 2017-18 we are trialling a revised form on the website for new memberships and annual renewals. It replaces two outdated forms and introduces new features that will make the BUG's record-keeping more accurate and less labour intensive.

The new form includes guidelines to assist users; the red “Send" button will forward it by email to B-BUG's administration. If you prefer, you can print a copy of the form and fill it in by hand then post it, as in previous years.

Whether you prefer online or print, you'll need a PDF reader installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Adobe Acrobat is the most common and it is very strongly recommended that you download and instal a copy (easy and free). To misquote George Orwell's Animal Farm, "All PDF readers are created equal but one PDF reader is more equal than the others".

The Acrobat Reader is the original and most versatile PDF app. If you're using another reader or browser, have filled in all the information, clicked "Send" and nothing happened - don't despair. Click a link below to download a free copy. It works!

On to the important stuff. Click anywhere on the left-hand image to download the form. Open it in the PDF reader. Type in as required. Depending on the email system you use, when you hit the Send button you may be prompted to give the PDF reader access to your email account. Follow the steps to send your completed form and you're done.

Annual renewals are due by 30 June 2017. All members are encouraged to use the new form and pay by bank transfer. As many of the BUG's records are years old, the best way to ensure all your details are correctly recorded is to take a moment when completing the form to enter all your current details, especially your mobile phone number (and carry it when riding) and emergency contact person, plus his or her phone number.

You can print the form and pay fees by cash or cheque. That's OK but does add to the administrative burden. In the vernacular - a pain in the bum! All members with access to the internet are strongly encouraged to make payment by bank transfer. If you haven't done it before, get someone to show you how. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is.

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